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AMP Stories: A New Way To Market And Promote Your Art Online

Aakash Jain Mar 16, 2019
Art is the best form of expression and when combined with technology, you can present it in a digitally delightful way. AMP Stories is one such format.
AMP Stories, a modern storytelling format, is a project helmed by Google that allows the creation of visually rich content. The content is mobile focused, tappable, full screen and loads fast, producing immersive experiences. AMP Stories are search engine friendly and shareable on the web. They also score high on engagement metrics like time on site.
As an artist, you would wish to exhibit your talent to the world. Art not presented properly is an effort wasted. So, present your work as a visual gallery in AMP Stories format on your blog/website, where each slide displays your beautiful creation. Audiences get to relish the visual feast with a few taps.
Being visually attractive, AMP Stories will accentuate your work. They take less time to load and enhance the user experience, making the users come back for more. So, AMP Stories is one of the best formats to promote and market your art online and boost the user engagement.

Storytelling Is an Art Too

Apart from an artwork, you can also share the backstory of its creation in the AMP Stories format. The format is apt for presenting interesting content in the form of a concise Story that would impress the audiences and hold their attention. Stories breathe emotions and connect easily with the audiences, increasing your online presence.

Let Your Art Reach the Mobile World

AMP Stories is the best format to entice the mobile users. Being mobile focused, your artwork will load full-screen on mobiles within no time and provide a smooth navigation experience to the users. The visual storytelling will create a massive impact on their mind and compel them to share your work on social media platforms, giving you more visibility.

Let the World Know Your Name

A unique way to market your work is to create your online portfolio in the form of AMP Stories. Staying in anonymity and letting your work do the talking is a thing of the past. You must promote yourself too. You can share your inspirations, ideologies in the form of a Story. You can interact with people on the web through Stories and widen your reach.

Expand Your Base

You can guest blog on other websites to promote your art. Your work in the AMP Stories format can serve as a distinct visual highlight on the blog and will get you a lot of traffic with backlinks from the website link. Guest-posting will also help you in networking and give you an opportunity to hone your skills and learn exciting ways to promote content.
Promoting your art in the AMP Stories format is a viable option to expand your base. Visual Stories, a visual blogging platform stands out as it offers AMP Story Builder to create AMP Stories. You can guest post on 60+ websites on Visual Stories Network in AMP Stories format.
The customization options enhance the visual appeal of your artwork and will impress the viewers. You can submit guest posts on ArtHearty, one of the websites on Visual Stories Network (VSN), dedicated to content on various aspects of art. So, inspire the world with your creativity and raise the bar.