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Learn How to Draw a Sea Turtle Using These Easy Instructions

Easy Instructions to Draw a Sea Turtle
Want to draw a sea turtle? It is not as difficult as it may seem. Sea turtles are quite different from regular turtles or tortoises but are very easy to draw. Learn to draw a sea turtle as per the instructions given here.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Drawing Tip
To draw a sea turtle, or any creature for that matter, try to reduce the whole figure to simple shapes. Then, step-by-step, keep adding details till the figure is perfect.
A sea or marine turtle is a reptile generally found underwater. A total of seven sea turtle species exist, four of which fall under the critically endangered category, and two fall under the vulnerable category. The seven species include, loggerhead sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle, flatback sea turtle, leatherback sea turtle, green sea turtle, and olive ridley sea turtle.

Sea turtles are hunted for their flesh and also their shells. Even though killing sea turtles is illegal, they are caught worldwide and their flesh is considered a delicacy in several cuisines. The shell is used as an ornamental material in China and Japan; also, their skin is used to make fine leather goods. Sea turtles need to surface to respire; when caught in a net, they cannot surface and drown to death.

After a brief introduction about sea turtles, it's finally time to draw one. Refer below to the step-by-step instructions for beginners, to draw a sea turtle.
How to Draw a Realistic Sea Turtle
Draw turtle outline
Begin by drawing an egg-shaped oval in the center of the sheet, this will be your turtle's torso. Next, draw ovals for the front and rear flippers; the front ones are long, whereas the rear ones are short. Also, draw the basic outline of the head and tail by referring to the illustration.
In this step, enhance the rudimentary line work by shaping the limbs and drawing one tiny claw on each forelimb. Further, draw basic features of the turtle's head and the pattern on its carapace (dorsal portion of the shell). Also draw a curve under the shell which would show a slight trace of its belly.
Draw turtle detail
Now, erase all unnecessary reference lines and try to make the sketch more refined and perfect. Refer to the illustration to make the process easier. Alternatively, you could also draw a deep sea background to make the turtle look even more beautiful.
Draw turtle finishing touches
Draw the fine details on the turtle's body (tiny squares). Also, add sea weeds and other marine organisms and objects to the background.
Colorful turtle
Finally, color the image as shown in the illustration. Done! Your swimming sea turtle is complete. Flaunt it among your friends and enjoy.
How to Draw a Cartoon Sea Turtle
Cartoon turtle outline
As this is a cartoon turtle, you don't have to follow strict proportions. Draw a basic outline of the turtle as shown in the illustration.
Cartoon turtle body
Next, define its flippers, shell, and face. Also, draw sea weeds or other deep sea objects in the background. We have used sea weeds for our turtle.
Cartoon turtle detail
Add some more detail to the sketch, erase unnecessary lines and refine the turtle's body parts. Also, draw a circular shadow below as shown in the illustration.
Cartoon turtle finishing touches
Add spots and other fine details to your cartoon turtle. Try to perfectly complete the turtle's line sketch in this step.
Colorful cartoon turtle
Lastly, color the turtle and give the background a deep-sea effect by painting it blue. Your cartoon turtle is complete.
Now that you know to draw a sea turtle, try drawing a sea turtle family. If you could not draw the turtle in the first attempt, don't get disheartened; you'll surely perfect it in some more tries. Happy drawing!