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Easy Steps for Beginners to Draw Completely Realistic Anime Hair

Easy Steps for Beginners to Draw Anime Hair
Find drawing anime hair difficult? Worry not! We, at ArtHearty, provide you with easy steps to draw anime hair. So, assemble all your drawing tools as we tell you how to draw both male and female hairstyles in one go.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: May 8, 2018
Hair and its Moods
In anime, emotions are displayed by hair; for example, when the character is frightened, the hair is shown as spiky or standing straight up. Hair appears different in different situations or moods.
Anime, which is Japanese animation, has become very popular today. People from all age groups love watching, reading, and drawing anime. Drawing anime is not very difficult even if you are new to drawing. It is very important to observe some anime characters. Once you understand the style and the proportions, your drawing task will be easier.
There are some typical characteristics that you should remember such as big and bold eyes or colorful and vibrant hair. Hair play a major role in anime, as it is used to show action many times. Simple tips will help you learn how to draw perfect hair. Also, versatility is crucial to draw different characters and hairstyles.
With the instructions given below, drawing anime hair will become so much easier for you. So, it's time to begin drawing!
Things You Will Need
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored Pencils
  • Crayons
How to Draw Male Anime Hair
Step 1
First draw the basic outline of the head. Then draw dashed outlines of the hair. This will help you get an idea of how the hair will frame the face.
Step 2
Once you are sure about the basic frame, draw solid lines. Do not forget to do the detailing. Also, the length should vary accordingly to create depth.
Step 3
Erase any unnecessary lines, and darken the solid lines with a black pen. The drawing part is done now.
Step 4
Color the hair with colors of your choice; you don't have to stick to the normal dark shades, as Anime hair is vibrant.
Step 5
Add highlights, details, and give your drawing a final touch.
Step 6
Your male anime hair is done! With these easy steps you can now try different hairstyles.
How to Draw Female Anime Hair
Step 1
Draw the basic outline of the hair first. Ensure that the shape is exactly as desired.
Step 2
Do the detailing like bangs, fringes, or any other characteristic that you want.
Step 3
Now erase any unnecessary lines and darken the hair with a black pen.
Step 4
Now color the hair according to your choice of color.
Step 5
Highlighting the hair will give them a more natural look, and make your Anime character look realistic.
Step 6
Viola! Your female Anime hair is done! Follow similar steps, to draw other styles as well.
What You Should Remember
  • Remember: in anime, more is better. You will never find a very simple hairstyle in manga or anime.
  • Bangs are a must for female characters. You can also use bangs on a male child.
  • It is very important to experiment, and try to develop your own style.
Once you understand, and practice the basics, drawing anime hair will be super easy and lots of fun. All you require is little patience and lots of creativity!