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How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

Everybody loves cartoons and most have a special affinity for cartoon dogs. If you too wish to create your own cartoon canine, the following article will provide few easy steps.
Prashant Sawant
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Dogs are one of the most common pets around the world. They are faithful animals who give us company and never fail to bring a smile to our lips with their funny antics. This is the reason they are commonly depicted in cartoons or caricatured. Don't you feel like drawing your own cartoon dog as a tribute to your pet dog? Or perhaps you are a budding sketch artist and want to try your hand at canine sketches. Whatever be the reason, we shall learn how to draw cartoon dog step-by-step in this ArtHearty article.

Cartoon Dog Video

Steps to Draw a Cartoon Dog

Drawing cartoon dogs is very simple and can be a fun activity when bored. All you need to know is the trick and create your own funny canine friend. The animation given above will give you a quick idea regarding the steps to be covered in our task to draw a cartoon dog. The steps given below is like a puzzle which helps you to draw a cartoon dog in few easy steps where kids can easily draw them by just looking at the illustration.

Before you start drawing a sketch of a cartoon dog, you will need a pencil, paper, an eraser and colored pencils to color the sketch. To begin with, you need to first draw a freehand sketch by following the steps as given below.

Step 1: Body and Head
Let us begin with the head of a dog. Draw two overlapping ovals that will form the head and snout as shown in the figure 1.1. Next, draw two similar-sized adjacent circles to form the body.

Cartoon Dog 1.1

Figure: 1.1

Step 2: Connect the Shapes
You need to give a definable shape to the body and head. First, complete the body by connecting the two big circles with curved lines. Next, connect the head to the body in a similar fashion, as shown in the figure 1.2.

Cartoon Dog 1.2

Figure: 1.2

Step 3: Legs
To draw the legs, make two elongated shapes for front legs and another two slightly behind them for the hind legs. At the end of these elongated shapes for legs, draw four little ovals for the paws. Now, give the front legs a slender shape and the hind legs a slightly broad shape at the top to define the thighs.

Cartoon Dog 1.3

Figure: 1.3

Step 4: Other Detailing
Draw curved shapes for the ears and bushy shaped tail. You can make your ears standing or droopy and tail narrow or slender. Now draw oval-shaped eyes and nose. Add more detailing like the mouth, tongue and hair. Refer figure 1.4.

Cartoon Dog 1.4

Figure: 1.4

Step 5: Final Step
Erase the unwanted lines on the sketch. Fill up other details, like adding patches on the body of your dog or drawing a belt on its neck. Make your dog look more attractive by coloring it with your favorite color shades as shown in figure 1.5 and figure 1.5.1.

Cartoon Dog 1.5

Figure: 1.5

Adding Color to Your Cartoon Dog
You can add any color your want to your picture. Color your dog black and white, brown and yellow, or any other color combination. Have fun by adding beautiful colors to your dog's coat.

Cartoon Dog 1.5.1

Figure: 1.5.1

Moreover, here is an additional activity for kids. You can use the sketch below, for your kids coloring activity. To get a print of the dog sketch, all you need is to just click on it!

Cartoon Dog 1.5.2
Figure: 1.5.2

Voila! There you are, ready with your cartoon dog. Do not get disappointed if your sketch does not turn out to be the way you hoped. Keep practicing, and follow these sketching tips and tricks, soon you will master the art of how to draw a cartoon dog step-by-step. Have fun creating a caricature of your Rover! Bow, bow...