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How to Draw Roses Step By Step

Roses have lots of petals, and hence many people find them complicated to draw. Here is a tutorial on drawing roses step by step, that will help you understand how to draw these flowers with easy and simplified steps.
ArtHearty Staff
Roses are one of the favorite flowers. They are the most common flowers on greeting cards. They are also engraved on many various objects. Roses are also embroidered on many fabrics like hand napkins, table clothes, etc. Hence, learning to draw roses can help you not just to draw these flowers better, but also help you to create various crafts. So, without further ado, here are the various steps with pictures that will guide you in drawing roses.
How to Draw a Rose
Step 1
The first step is just to draw two oval circles. The shape of these circles, will change depending upon the angle at which the flower is viewed from. Here is a ¾ th top angle of the rose. These two circles are nothing but just light guidelines for drawing the inner compact bud like structure with petals, and the outer more open petals of the rose.
How to Draw a Rose Step 1
Step 2
In this step simply at the center of the circle, start drawing mini petals, touching each other.
How to Draw a Rose Step 2
Step 3
After this add few more petals and draw a bottom half oval, below the petals. This forms the main compact center of the flower, that gives the flower its volume.
How to Draw a Rose Step 3
Step 4
In this step add some more relaxed and bigger looking petals, near the inside compact part of the rose flower. Don't add more than 2-4 petals.
How to Draw a Rose Step 4
Step 5
In this step slowly start adding more petals. Make sure you draw them in proper angle, by observing the rose flower or a picture of rose. See, how the petals should envelope the rose center, and then how the loose ends of the petals should jut out.
How to Draw a Rose Step 5
Step 6
This is the final stage of drawing. In this step neatly add the last outer petals. When drawing the outer petals, don't draw them in the perfect pointed shape, but keep it random. Random pattern will help enhance the natural look of the rose flower.
How to Draw a Rose Step 6
Step 7
Now, start shading. Before you start with shading, you can consider erasing the guidelines with a kneadable eraser. For shading, you can use various medium. Colored pencils, simple brush strokes, pencil, mechanical pens, sketch pens, charcoal, etc. can be used for shading. Here a sharp pencil is used. The shading is done from the inside to outside. Sharp and fine lines are used to shade.
How to Draw a Rose Step 7
Step 8
Now, in this step add finer, lighter and smaller strokes that are from the tip of the petals to the inside. Keep it very light. This will give the round shape feeling of the petals.
How to Draw a Rose Step 8
Step 9
Above we saw how to draw a rose flower step by step. So, following the above drawing steps draw roses. Now, add stems, and the rose leaves to the drawing. Make sure you add a bit of thorns and draw proper shape of the stem and the leaves, so that they look like a rose stem.
How to Draw a Rose Step 9
Step 10
Finally, in a similar manner do shading or the stem and the leaves, and your rose drawing is complete. Feel free to try colored pencil techniques while shading or coloring the roses. Adding color will make your drawing look even more beautiful.
How to Draw a Rose Step 10
More Rose Drawings
Roses with Ribbon
Here is a drawing of roses with stem and ribbon. You can draw such a roses and paint it with some colors. Drawings like this will make a good front page for a greeting card.
Roses with Ribbon
Front View Rose
Here is a simple front view of a rose. Mostly a 3/4 view of the rose is drawn showing the inside petals. Here is a front view of the rose where, less of the inside and more of the front of the rose is shown.
Front View Rose
Watercolor Painted Roses
Here are two simple painted roses. To make your drawings look even more attractive, consider painting them. You can use watercolor for a beautiful effect. However, if you are not good with watercolors then try pencil or pastel colors.
Watercolor Painted Roses
Red Color Roses
Here is a detailed drawing of two roses. You can notice the details with which the drawings has been done. You can also notice various details on the green leaves in this drawing.
Red Color Roses`
Various Roses
Here are multiple roses. These are simple drawings which are painted with watercolors. You can see how the leaves are added to give some depth. Once you are good with drawings, consider directly painting the roses with a brush.
Various Roses
This was all about how to draw a rose. You can start drawing with a simple rose, and with practice you will get better. Then try coloring your drawings. So, follow the above-mentioned steps and draw beautiful roses, and make attractive handmade crafts with those drawings. Good luck!