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Essential Things You Must Know About Using Aerosol Spray Paint

Aerosol Spray Paint
Aerosol spray paints are extremely popular due to their ease of use. Today, there are many kinds of aerosol sprays available in the market.
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Aerosol spray paint also commonly called spray paint is a kind of paint which comes out of a can due to certain mechanism. However, the word spray paint includes other forms of spray painting using airbrushes and spray guns. In aerosol paint cans the paint is sealed in a pressurized can, which is released in a fine spray mist when the valve button is pressed down. The can consist of a metal body inside which there is a dip tube inserted in the paint mixture and at the bottom of the cap there is a pea or peas or sometimes tiny balls. The balls or peas are the one that make the rattling noise when the can is given a shake.
When Using Aerosol Cans...
While trying out any spray paint technique keep this in mind. Shake the can vigorously and when you hear the rattling noise of the balls inside the can, then shake the can further for 2 minutes. This helps to mix the paint mixture properly and helps to give it a uniform color. If the can is not shook properly, you might end up with different shades of the color whenever you are using the aerosol paint.
Surfaces that can be Painted...
Spray paint is used for many purposes. One can use aerosol paint on many objects. You can paint metal, plastic, wood, chandeliers, appliances, shoes, accessories, wicker, synthetic clothes, paper, paper mache, concrete, etc., with it. Aerosol paint is popular for two main reasons. Aerosol auto spray paint helps to do a DIY car paint job. The price of aerosol spray paint for car can be anywhere between $1 to 5 for a can. There are even aerosol spray-on-clothes, which when sprayed on the skin give a skin tight kind of clothing.
Graffiti with Aerosols...
However, the most popular use is for graffiti, because these cans are portable, easy-to-use, and dry fast. Also, one can simply buy different color aerosol paint cans for a relatively low price. They come in many colors and different finishes. You can buy small cans, medium-sized cans, or large cans. There are even cans which offer more control for the paint job.
Certain cans contain thicker and richer spray paint colors and they are less likely to drip the paint. Some are produced in a standard high pressure for fast and thick coverage. While some are produced in lower pressure, and thus offer more control and flexibility. Art brand contains 2 - 3 peas for better mixing. Also, they come in an array of actuators or different caps. There are skinny caps, wider fat caps, and some caps which even allow to control the softness or crispness of the spray. There are even calligraphy caps which create a fan-like spray instead of the standard round.
Getting Started...
One can find aerosol spray cans at any hardware store. You can compare some products at the store to see which one you want. You can tell the hardware guy for what purpose you need a spray paint. Some well-known brands are Krylons, Monster Colors, MTN, Belton Premium, Molotow, Montana, etc. Get a small can of aerosol and lay down old newspaper sheets and place a small object on them and paint it. Work in light coats and check how the object looks, whether it needs more coats.
Once you are confident using aerosol paints on small objects, you can move onto larger objects. Maintain safety by covering your mouth and eyes, as the paint can be toxic and harmful for your health.
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