Find Creative Inspiration in These Canvas Painting Ideas

Danny Kaye quote on life being a canvas
Canvas painting is an art which has its own charm. Most of us desire to paint on a canvas, but fall short of ideas after picking up the brush. What we often forget is that, you can find ideas for painting all around you. There is never any dearth of inspiration. It is everywhere you look, waiting for you to be inspired.
It is said that there is no feeling which can't be expressed through a painting. Paintings have been used for thousands of years to express various human emotions. Even the events of day-to-day life, including the great hunts, were painted by cavemen using paints made from berries and plants. Painting is undoubtedly one of the finest ways to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Painting a tiny flower, a huge gathering, an old fort, or a latest model can be accomplished using a canvas, colors, and painting tools. All that you require to put into a colorful picture is your imagination.
Hand Prints
You don't have to be great at painting to create some beautiful canvas piece. Just a little imagination will help create some interesting canvas. Here is a simple idea, just dip your palms in non-toxic paint and stamp it on the canvas. Use bright colors to make the canvas art look interesting.
Dancing Figures
Dancing figures look beautiful on a canvas. They look graceful and are a good idea if you have an elegant home decor. You can also consider placing few canvas with dancing ballerinas in your child's room if they are learning ballet.
Oriental Paintings
Oriental paintings are easy to create, but remember to be simple. Just a few twigs of bamboo or a single branch of cherry blossoms can look beautiful. You can keep your painting black and white or add color to it. But, don't go overboard with too many colors. You can also add few birds or butterflies to the painting if you want.
Boxing Gloves
Sports are not very common theme for canvas art, however when done right they can look very artistic. A simple pair of boxing gloves or a basketball when painted properly can give a dramatic effect. Such canvas ideas make great for a boy's room.
Cat Thoughts...
Words can be seen making their appearance often on canvas painting. A simple quote about life or few inspiring words look pretty neat on canvas. Also, they require much artistic skills. You can create something like above, your pet's thought in speech bubbles will look interesting, and will surely make the guests stop, and read them.
Modern Art
You don't have to buy expensive modern art, just because it is by a famous artist. You can create a beautiful piece of modern art painting yourself. It is simple actually, just take some basic shapes and color them randomly and voila! Your awesome modern abstract painting is ready.
You can also consider hanging a canvas painting in your kitchen. A painting depicting a cup of coffee or a basket of fruits can look great on the canvas, and it is easy to create.
Extreme close-ups of people are a popular theme for canvas. You can paint a face black and white and on the hair section you can add lots of color to make the painting interesting. Or you can simply paint black and white elegant hands, and paint the nails red or some other bright color.
Family Tree
A family tree is easy to paint on canvas. You can keep the design of the family tree simple or make it as detailed as you want. Just make sure you have enough empty spaces on the tree to stick the names of the family members. A painting like this can be hung in the living room, where everybody can see it.
Flowers are all-time favorites for canvas. You can paint a giant yellow sunflower on the canvas or paint a vase containing different colorful flowers, or you can paint something simple like the two flowers above.
Split Landscape
A unique way to hang a canvas is to split a large painting in different parts, like shown above. So, take an interesting subject say an ocean landscape and split it on various small canvas and then hang them together, so that they look pieces of one giant artwork.
Owls have become very famous as canvas art theme. You can paint them in groups, as a couple or solitary. Here is an owl perched on a board. You can paint something like this and write the name of the person who the house belongs to, and hang it just outside the door. This can serve as a name plate.
Cute Panda
Pandas are cute animals. They are also easy to paint, you can either paint a simple panda shown above or paint multiple pandas playing in the grass, a baby panda with mother, a panda chewing on bamboo, or any other idea you think of.
Mythical Figure
If you are really good at painting or have enough time on your hands then why not try some mythical figures. Add as many details as you want to such a picture to make it lifelike. Here is a picture of Pegasus for inspiration.
You can create a whole new batch of paintings using the aforementioned ideas. Whenever you go shopping, traveling, partying, or even during work; just take a look around. You will easily discover some painting idea. Capture that in your camera, and you don't have to think twice about a new idea during the next painting session. Add some fun to your art by experimenting with the uncommon, and get set to create an amazing canvas art piece.