Wanna Know How to Create Your Own Cartoon Character? Check This!

Tip to create your own cartoon character
There are a ton of classic cartoon characters out there. Wouldn't it be fun to create one on your own? With a little bit of imagination and hard work, we can create a lovely cartoon character in no time.
If you have ever tried your hand at drawing a cartoon character, we bet it's one of your favorite characters from a movie, comic book, or television show. But have you ever thought of creating one all by yourself? Of course, the thought is quite scary if you've never ventured down this road. Drawing and sketching comes naturally to a lot of people. However, there are individuals who take a little time to draw something to perfection.

Well, we are here to tell you that no matter how good or worse of a drawer you are, you can learn how to create your own cartoon character in just a few easy steps. How, you ask? It's quite simple actually. All you need to do is go over the following information as it pretty much explains everything on its own.
Creating a Character Step-by-step
Taking different elements on a person's face, we have put together the following illustrations to help you create a cartoon face. So, the first thing to do is grab a sketch pad, a few pencils, and eraser. One by one, draw each of the elements of the face and in no time, you will have a cartoon face ready.
face shapes of a woman
various hairstyle silhouettes
various eye shape illustrations
collage of eyebrow shapes
different female nose shapes
collage of lip shapes
various eyeglass frames
collage of different hats
Just as we created a human face, you can do the same with animals, birds, and many more characters.

Of course, these aren't the only parameters for creating your own cartoon character. You can include many more shapes for various parts of the face. Also, once the character's head is ready, you can move on to drawing the rest of the body.