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With These Pictures, Get to Know About the Different Shades of Red

Know About the Different Shades of Red with Pictures
Going with the widely accepted fact about the color red, it is the warmest of all colors. Studies have shown that red is usually chosen by extroverts, and it is one of the top picks of females. Red is elegant. Red is sensuous! Know about the various shades of red, and get drowned in it here.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Men and women see red differently!
While women see crimson and cardinal, men generally just see red. No shades or varying tones―just the typical fire engine red. Since the peculiar "red-seeing gene" sits on the X chromosome (women have 2, while men have 1), women have a better understanding of the red spectrum over men!
What comes to your mind when we say RED? Passionate love, danger, anger, blood, or may be apple (giggles!)? Red is religious, and is considered as the color of good luck in Asia. Red is magical! The red that strawberry has is different from the one that cherry is enriched with, or the plum's red. Though the difference is minute, there are approximately 285 shades of red. Out of these, around 50 hues of red are most popular, and visible in natural light. Besides being amongst the top two favorite colors of people, it is also the most common color included in flags.

We take you for a trip around these 50 fascinating reds!
It is named after the organic dye alizarin, found in the madder plant, and the related synthetic lake pigment Alizarin Crimson. This shade of red is biased slightly more towards purple than towards orange on the color wheel.
Alizarin crimson color code
HEX: #E32636
Alizarin crimson rgb
RGB: 227 38 54
Alizarin crimson cmyk
CMYK: 0 83 76 11
★ Interesting Fact: It is one of the colors listed by Donovan in his song, Wear Your Love Like Heaven.
It is the color of the flower of the amaranth plant, which is of reddish-rose tinge.
Amarnath color code
Amarnath rgb
RGB: 241 156 187
Amarnath cmyk
CMYK: 0 35 22 5
★ Interesting Fact: The name amaranth conveys immortality and has Greek roots: a meaning 'not' and marainean meaning 'to waste away'. It is believed that this flower grew on Mount Olympus that never faded or withered.
A reddish-brown color, which is a variety of red hair.
Auburn color code
HEX: #A52A2A6
Auburn rgb
RGB: 165 42 42
Aburn cmyk
CMYK: 10 91 86 20
★ Interesting Fact: The word "auburn" comes from the Old French word alborne meaning blond, which derived from the Latin word alburnus meaning off-white.
It is a dark red hue that is linked with the Burgundy wine, which in turn is named after the Burgundy region of France.
Burgundy color code
HEX: #800020
Burgundy rgb
RGB: 128 0 32
Burgundy cmyk
CMYK: 29 100 85 37
★ Interesting Fact: In the 1990s and early 2000s, this was the most popular lipstick shade amongst women. Recently, it has made a comeback as a popular lip color in the high fashion industry.
It is a shade of red similar to the red sugar coating on candied apples.
Candy apple red color code
HEX: #FF0800
Candy apple red rgb
RGB: 255 8 0
Candy apple red cmyk
CMYK: 0 97 100 0
★ Interesting Fact: It has been observed that "candy apple red"-colored automobiles sell quickly, so this color has become the color for car companies.
It is a bright shade, which has got its name from the bird of the same name.
Cardinal color code
HEX: #C41E3A
Cardinal rgb
RGB: 196 30 58
Cardinal cmyk
CMYK: 0 85 70 23
★ Interesting Fact: It is the official color of the Stanford University.
It is a pigment of bright red color obtained from the aluminum salt of carminic acid that is produced by scale insects. It has various names like crimson lake, cochineal, and natural red 4.
Carmine color code
HEX: #960018
Carmine rgb
RGB: 150 0 24
Carmine cmyk
CMYK: 55 100 100 35
★ Interesting Fact: It is used in the production of paints, faux flowers, crimson ink, rouge, and other cosmetics.
It's a slightly purplish shade of red. There are many variations to carmine red, which include radical red, ultra red, Spanish carmine, paradise pink, etc.
Carmine red color code
HEX: #FF0038
Carmine red rgb
RGB: 255 0 56
Carmine red cmyk
CMYK: 0 99 77 0
★ Interesting Fact: It is often applied for describing blood, because its darker shade is the color of dried blood.
It is a rich reddish-brown shade.
Carnelian color code
HEX: #B31B1B
Carnelian rgb
RGB: 179 27 27
Carnelian cmyk
CMYK: 21 100 100 12
★ Interesting Fact: This color is also called Cornell red, as it is the color of the Cornell University.
It is a deep reddish-pink color. Variations of Cerise include Hollywood cerise, Deep cerise, and Irresistible.
Cerise color code
HEX: #DE3163
Cerise rgb
RGB: 222 49 99
Cerise cmyk
CMYK: 0 78 55 0
★ Interesting Fact: Cerise has been used in the "Sherlock" series one episode―a color that drains the fairness of Mrs. Hudson.
It is a medium-reddish shade of brown. It is named after the nut of chestnut of the chestnut tree.
Chestnut color code
HEX: #954535
Chestnut rgb
RGB: 149 69 53
Chestnut cmyk
CMYK: 0 55 64 42
★ Interesting Fact: Chestnut is very famous in the animal kingdom category: the chestnut-colored woodpecker, the chestnut-backed chickadee, the coat of bongo, the coat of horses, etc.
It is a bright-red color with an orange tint.
Coquelicot color code
HEX: #FF3800
Coquelicot rgb
RGB: 255 56 0
Coquelicot cmyk
CMYK: 0 78 100 0
★ Interesting Fact: It is originally a French vernacular name for the wild corn poppy, Papaver rhoeas, which is distinguished by its distinct reddish-orange color.
A pinkish-orange color.
Coral color code
HEX: #FF7F50
Coral rgb
RGB: 255 127 80
Coral cmyk
CMYK: 0 50 69 0
★ Interesting Fact: Coral (orange) is one of the Miami Dolphins' colors.
It is a strong, deep red. Some variations of crimson are pink, Baker-Miller pink, radical red, razzmatazz, red devil, etc.
Crimson color code
HEX: #DC143C
Crimson rgb
RGB: 220 20 60
Crimson cmyk
CMYK: 0 100 100 40
★ Interesting Fact: The Crimson Sunbird, obviously crimson-colored, is the national bird of Singapore.
It is pinkish-red in color.
Desire color code
HEX: #EA3C53
Desire rgb
RGB: 234 60 83
Desire cmyk
CMYK: 0 74 65 8
★ Interesting Fact: Desire is included in the Resene Color List which is one of the most popular color lists in Australia and New Zealand.
It is a brick red shade.
Falu red color code
HEX: #801818
Falu red rgb
RGB: 128 24 24
Falu red cmyk
CMYK: 29 99 97 36
★ Interesting Fact: It is a popular Swedish deep red paint, which is usually observed on wooden cottages
and barns. The paint was developed from the copper mine at Falun in Sweden, and hence the name 'Falu Red.'
It is an informal name for an intense bright red, commonly used for emergency vehicles.
Fire engine red color code
HEX: #CE2029
Fire engine red rgb
RGB: 206 32 41
Fire engine red cmyk
CMYK: 0 89 80 19
★ Interesting Fact: As the name says, most of the traditional fire departments in the US use this color. (fire engine red = the color of danger).
It is a vivid purplish-red hue, basically a pink color.
Fuchsia color code
Fuchsia rgb
RGB: 255 0 255
Fuchsia cmyk
CMYK: 27 82 0 0
★ Interesting Fact: A pretty and attractive woman is addressed as a fuchsia queen, in gay slang.
It is a dull, reddish-yellow, brownish-yellow tint.
Fulvous color code
HEX: #E48400
Fulvous rgb
RGB: 228 132 0
Fulvous cmyk
CMYK: 0 0.42 1.00 0.11
★ Interesting Fact: It is used as an adjective for describing various birds and mammals.
It is a deep red shade.
Imperial red color code
HEX: #ED2939
Imperial red rgb
RGB: 237 41 5
Imperial red cmyk
CMYK: 0 82 76 7
★ Interesting Fact: It is a representation of the red color of the Imperial Standard of Napoleon I.
It is the color obtained naturally from iron oxides, which is largely used in India.
Indian red color code
Indian red rgb
RGB: 205 92 92
Indian red cmyk
CMYK: 0 52 52 25
★ Interesting Fact: A scorpion in the hues of Indian red has got its name from this color, viz., the Indian red scorpion, which has a venom that is more toxic than that of any other scorpion.
It is an orange-red color.
Jelly bean color code
HEX: #DA614E
Jelly bean rgb
RGB: 218 97 78
Jelly bean cmyk
CMYK: 10 76 72 1
★ Interesting Fact: The most common color of jelly beans is this jelly bean orange.
It is a deep red shade.
Lava color code
HEX: #CF1020
Lava rgb
RGB: 207 16 32
Lava cmyk
CMYK: 12 100 100 3
★ Interesting Fact: A variation called Dark Lava is also very popular, which is the color of lava that has cooled and begun to set into igneous rock.
Violet-red or purplish-red color, it is one of the primary colors of the subtractive CMYK color model. The combination shown here is of Process Magenta.
Magenta color code
HEX: #FF0090
Magenta rgb
RGB: 255 0 144
Magenta cmyk
CMYK: 0 100 0 0
★ Interesting Fact: Magenta is not found in the visible spectrum of light. It is physiologically and psychologically perceived as a blend of red and violet/blue light, with the absence of green.
It is reddish-brown in color. It is almost the shade of mahogany wood.
Mahogany color code
HEX: #C04000
Mahogany rgb
RGB: 192 64 0
Mahogany cmyk
CMYK: 0 67 100 25
★ Interesting Fact: Like most woods, this color is also not uniform. It was recorded as a color name in English in 1737.
It is a dark, reddish-brown color, which got its name from the French word marron.
Maroon color code
HEX: #800000
Maroon rgb
RGB: 128 0 0
Maroon cmyk
CMYK: 0 100 100 50
★ Interesting Fact: Maroon is frequently related to Ron Weasley, a character in J.K. Rowling's renowned series Harry Potter.
A shade of red that is 100% saturated.
Mordant red 19color code
HEX: #AE0C00
Mordant red 19 rgb
RGB: 174 12 0
Mordant red 19 cmyk
CMYK: 21 21 100 15
★ Interesting Fact: It is a mordant used in textile dyeing.
It is a dark shade of red, resembling burgundy.
Oxblood color code
HEX: #8C001A
Oxblood rgb
RGB: 140 0 26
Oxblood cmyk
CMYK: 0 1 0.814 0.451
★ Interesting Fact: Besides clothing and accessories, oxblood lipstick is very much in vogue. It depicts passion, fashion, and power.
It is a deep reddish-orange color.
Persian red color code
HEX: #CC3333
Persian red rgb
RGB: 204 51 51
Persian red cmyk
CMYK: 14 94 88 4
★ Interesting Fact: It was invented from the hue of Persian gulf, which is composed of a silicate of iron and alumina with magnesia, giving an earthly red color.
A dark shade of red which can be called brownish-red or purplish-brown.
Puce color code
HEX: #722F37
Puce rgb
RGB: 114 47 55
Puce cmyk
CMYK: 0 59 52 55
★ Interesting Fact: Its nomenclature is from the French word "flea." It is said to be the color of the bloodstains remaining on linen or bed sheets, even after being laundered, from a flea's droppings or after a flea has been squeezed.
Reddish-brown in color, it almost resembles the shade of mahogany wood.
Raspberry color code
HEX: #E30B5C
Raspberry rgb
RGB: 227 11 92
Raspberry cmyk
CMYK: 0 95 60 11
★ Interesting Fact: This color is mentioned by Prince in his song, Raspberry Beret.
It is a hue that ranges between red and magenta, in fact more closer to magenta. Some variations of red violet include Kobi, Smitten, Blush, Fandango, Eggplant, Wine, etc.
Red violet color code
HEX: #C71585
Red violet rgb
RGB: 199 21 133
Red violet cmyk
CMYK: 0 89 33 22
★ Interesting Fact: This color has resemblance to purple on the color wheel, although many people wrongly use purple as an equivalent for violet.
It is a tertiary color in the HSV (RGB) color wheel. It lands between red and magenta.
Rose color code
HEX: #FF007F
Rose rgb
RGB: 255 0, 127
Rose cmyk
CMYK: 0 100 50 0
★ Interesting Fact: The name originates from the Latin word rosa, corresponding to the invention of the name for the rose flower.
It is a reddish-brown color. It is almost the shade of mahogany wood.
Rosso corsa color code
HEX: #E32636
Rosso corsa rgb
RGB: 204 0 0
Rosso corsa cmyk
CMYK: 13 100 100 4
★ Interesting Fact: The original Rosso Corsa may appear almost dark brown in older television sets, but the actual hue is a synonym to that of Ferrari.
It is the color obtained from the cut, polished ruby gemstone.
Ruby color code
HEX: #E0115F
Ruby rgb
RGB: 224 17 95
Ruby cmyk
CMYK: 0 92 57 12
★ Interesting Fact: A fairly deeper color of the uncut, unpolished ruby crystal is called Rubelite.
It is a shade of red that is closer to crimson, slightly towards rosy. It is 100% saturated and 100% bright.
Ruddy color code
HEX: #FF0028
Ruddy rgb
RGB: 255 0 40
Ruddy cmyk
CMYK: 0 100 89 0
★ Interesting Fact: People with pink-colored cheeks are said to possess ruddy cheeks, which denotes healthy skin.
A shade of red that is closer to crimson, slightly towards rosy. It is 100% saturated and 100% bright.
Rufous color code
HEX: #A81C07
Rufous rgb
RGB: 168 28 7
Rufous cmyk
CMYK:23 99 100 17
★ Interesting Fact: It has Latin roots, and is used to represent various birds for their skin, fur, or plumage, that are red in shade.
It is a reddish orange tinge.
Russet color code
HEX: #80461B
Russet rgb
RGB: 128 70 27
Russet cmyk
CMYK: 0 45 79 50
★ Interesting Fact: The color got its name from russet, a cloth made of wool and dyed with woad and madder to give it a reddish-brown shade.
It is the iron oxide color, a reddish-brown hue.
Rust color code
HEX: #B7410E
Rust rgb
RGB: 183 65 14
Rust cmyk
CMYK: 22 85 100 13
★ Interesting Fact: Rust has its history from the Proto-Germanic word rusta, which means redness.
It is reddish-orange in color.
Scarlet color code
HEX: #FF2400
Scarlet rgb
RGB: 183 65 14
Scarlet cmyk
CMYK: 0 86 100 0
★ Interesting Fact: In some cultures, this color stands for royalty and nobility, while in some, it is the color that shouts sin and sexual lust.
It is a natural earth pigment, a reddish-brown color that comes from the dehydrated form of iron oxide.
Sinopia color code
HEX: #CB410B
Sinopia rgb
RGB: 203 65 11
Sinopia cmyk
CMYK: 0 68 95 20
★ Interesting Fact: It is named after the Turkish city Sinop.
It is a brick red color that defines the hues of the Earth.
Terra cotta color code
HEX: #E2725B
Terra cotta rgb
RGB: 226 114 91
Terra cotta cmyk
CMYK: 0 50 60 11
★ Interesting Fact: Terracotta color is like a brand for various clay articles, pottery, showpieces and other related designs, that have a reddish-brown color.
It is a reddish color used to dye cotton in 18th and 19th century.
Turkey red color code
HEX: #A91101
Turkey red rgb
RGB: 169 17 1
Turkey red cmyk
CMYK: 0 90 99 34
★ Interesting Fact: It originally developed in India and Turkey, and was imported into Europe.
Tuscan red is a popular shade of red that was used on the passenger cars of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and that on the PRR TrucTrailers. It is a natural earth pigment, a reddish-brown color that comes from the dehydrated form of iron oxide.
Tuscan red color code
HEX: #7C3030
Tuscan red rgb
RGB: 124 48 48
Tuscan red cmyk
CMYK: 0 61 61 51
★ Interesting Fact: Apart from being a signature color for Pennsylvania Railroad, this color was also used widely by the New South Wales Government Railways in Australia and by the Canadian Pacific Railway.
It is also known as Tyrian Red, Imperial Purple, Royal Purple, and Imperial dye. It is the hue of reddish-purple dye, which is secreted by sea snails.
Tyrian purple color code
HEX: #66023C
Tyrian purple rgb
RGB: 102 2 60
Tyrian purple cmyk
CMYK: 45 100 47 42
★ Interesting Fact: Its true color cannot be displayed on a computer screen due to high chroma pigments.
It is a deep shade of medium red, resembling fire engine red.
Upsdell red color code
HEX: #AE2029
Upsdell red rgb
RGB: 174 32 41
Upsdell red cmyk
CMYK: 22 100 94 14
★ Interesting Fact: This color was formed in memory of Reverend G. Upsdell of Hong Kong, who was the first headmaster of the King George V School.
It is a darker shade of scarlet.
Venetian red color code
HEX: #C80815
Venetian red rgb
RGB: 200 8 214
Venetian red cmyk
CMYK: 0 94 97 0
★ Interesting Fact: Historically speaking, Venetian red was a red earth color used in Italian Renaissance paintings.
VERMILION (Cinnabar)
It is a brilliant red, originated from the mineral cinnabar.
Vermilion color code
HEX: #E34234
Vermilion rgb
RGB: 227 66 52
Vermilion cmyk
CMYK: 0 84 71 0
★ Interesting Fact: It is also known as Chinese Red, for it is used in the art and lacquerware of China.
It falls under the shades of pink.
Wild orchid color code
HEX: #D77A02
Wild orchid rgb
RGB: 215 112 162
Wild orchid cmyk
CMYK: 12 69 7 0
★ Interesting Fact: Wild orchid got its name from the wilder species of orchid flower.
It is a dark shade of red, an average color of red wine.
Wine color code
HEX: #722F37
Wine rgb
RGB: 114 47 55
Wine cmyk
CMYK: 0 59 52 55
★ Interesting Fact: The color wine is often used in fashion for various clothing articles.
In Russia, the word red means beautiful. Everything "actually" looks beautiful when there's a tint of red involved. Choose a shade of red, and experience its magic. Regardless of how it is used in a design, a little bit of red goes a long way in making any piece stand out.