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Printable Fun Butterfly Coloring Pages for Kids

Butterflies are a favorite among most children, and why only children, many adults too, are absolutely smitten by the beautiful colors of this magnificent insect. This ArtHearty article gives you 50 printable fun butterfly coloring pages for kids. You will find all kinds of designs and shapes of the endless varieties of butterflies that exist. So pick up your crayons, print, and start up!
ArtHearty Staff
"Butterflies are self propelled flowers."
― Robert A. Heinlein
A butterfly is nature's coloring book, don't you think? Look at the wonderful color combinations, for earthy or vibrant, loud to somewhat dull, you find them flying in all the possible colors the human mind can imagine! Like the quote mentioned above, these flying marvels are often compared with flowers, perhaps due to the fact that they are as beautiful, delicate, and equally colorful; however, we beg to differ. We think that a butterfly earns more brownie points than a flower in terms of beauty and color, because a flower mostly has only one color, but when it comes to butterflies, varied colors can come together to form a beautiful pattern in a single butterfly.
Kids love butterflies, don't they? Be it in the form of admiring its ability to fly, or being amazed at its beautiful wings. A butterfly is also associated with the magical world of fairies, which makes them all the more mystical in the eyes of innocent kids. If a butterfly is your favorite insect, colors are your subject of interest, and coloring is your favorite pastime, then the following section is for you. Here, you will find 50 awesome butterfly coloring pages in different designs, that will keep you enchanted for a good long while.
50 Printable Butterfly Coloring Pages for Kids
This collection consists of coloring pages that are apt for all kids of all ages; be it preschool, junior high, or middle school. The drawings given, vary from simple outlines, to bold patterns, to beautiful minute designs within the wings of the butterfly. Through these designs, you can also take a look at the different types of butterflies―Monarchs, Queens, Snowtails― and more. We have also included a coloring page that shows the life cycle of a butterfly. So print all that you need, it's absolutely free!

* The following images have been provided for personal use only. Please do not share, reproduce, or resell any of these images in any form.
cartoonish bee-like butterfly
Three simple butterflies
Happy flying butterfly
Cartoon butterfly holding a flower
Cartoon butterflies flying around flowers
Sideway butterfly drawing
Sideways drawing of a flying butterfly
Butterfly outline drawing
Butterfly trails
Skull-faced butterfly
Butterfly fairy
Butterfly sketch for coloring
Striped butterfly for coloring
Monarch butterfly drawing for coloring
Mystical butterfly for coloring
Spiral butterfly drawing for coloring
Floral pattern butterfly design
Butterfly with flowers and stars
Butterfly with tiger prints
Snowtail butterfly
Butterfly image for coloring
Coloring page of a single butterfly
Cluster of butterflies
Butterflies with fire-like borders
Butterflies and flowers
Beautiful floral butterfly
Flying butterfly for coloring
Single butterfly drawing for coloring
Tribal butterfly design
Beautiful floral butterfly drawing for coloring
Dotted butterfly wings
Flower and butterflies
Black and white butterfly drawing
Three butterflies
Artistic butterfly drawing
Beautiful spiral butterfly
Life cycle of a butterfly
Butterfly design for coloring
Beautiful butterfly drawing page
Beautiful striped butterfly
Beautiful flying butterflies and flowers design
Butterfly top view coloring page
Butterfly coloring page
Butterfly drawing with bold black lines
Bold black and white butterfly
Butterfly cluster
Heart-shaped butterflies
Butterfly clock
Happy flying butterfly
The best part about coloring is that you can experiment with different coloring techniques―from water colors to crayons to pencil colors to sketch pens. If you are keen, try to color the same image with different coloring techniques and see the difference it makes in the final output! You can also try shading the wings of the butterfly in multiple shades to make your drawing look more unique, because most kids normally just go for a single color. So, use these tips and make your butterfly the prettiest one ever! Happy coloring!