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Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

Relive Your Childhood! Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

Whether you use it as an activity to calm your senses or simply as a means of relaxation, coloring pages is definitely an ultimate pastime. Here, you can now get your copy of free printable coloring pages for adults, and revel in your childhood pastime.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Deciphering the Language of Colors
Green-eyed monster―jealousy
See red―be angry
True blue―loyal and faithful
Purple speech―profane talk
Yellow streak―coward
Whitewash―gloss over defects
There is color all around us, right from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Color is an indispensable part of our lives. It is what makes our surroundings more livelier. Come to think of it, life would be dull and drab without a liberal splash of color.
Without colors, we wouldn't be able to distinguish between fiery reds and soothing blues. The leaves fluttering in the breeze wouldn't look appealing as they do now. There would be no seasons for the lack of being able to tell one from the other. When just so much depends on color, why should we not indulge in letting our wild imagination see the light of day. Besides, bathing a picture in wonderful shades of color is what makes a canvas truly come alive. Similarly, a black and white picture while highlighting the subdued features, seems less appealing than a colored picture.
All said and done, it is time you shed all inhibitions, and pull out your color pens, crayons, water colors, and flaunt your creative genius. Feel free to take a print of the designs on sticky-backed paper, and use the images to personalize various objects and gifts.
Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

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Artistic Flower Coloring Page
Rialto Bridge with Gondola Coloring Page
Trillium Flower Coloring Page
Bird-cutout Coloring Page
Cups and Saucers Coloring Page
Face Coloring Page
Flower Bunch Coloring Page
Flower Pattern Coloring Page
Flower Wreath Coloring Page
Hearts Coloring Page
Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page
Mermaid Coloring Page
Treasure Island Coloring Page
Window Garden coloring Page
Bird Coloring Page
Living Room Coloring Page
Pirate Ship Coloring Page
Try your hand at shading the pictures with vibrant colors. You can even give it ombré effects using water colors. You can even use a printed design as a stencil to sketch it onto fabric, which can then be filled with fabric paints to create unique pieces of pillow covers. You can alternatively print these pages and give them to your young ones to keep them busy in the afternoons.
Head Of An Elephant In Celtic Pattern
Retro Airplane