Free Printable Mermaid Coloring Pages for Kids

Who doesn't love the sight of a beautiful mermaid swimming happily on the surface of the waters, laughing playfully, and looking ever-so gracious in all her ways? Mermaids are perhaps the most beautiful creatures that come from folkloric tales. If you love mermaids, this ArtHearty article gives you free mermaid coloring pages for kids to print, thereby giving them a chance to fill their dreamy fantasies with their favorite colors.
ArtHearty Staff
Did You Know?
The great explorer, Christopher Columbus, claimed that he saw actual mermaids while he was exploring the Caribbean.
Mermaids have always been a subject of mystery, fantasy, folklore, and art for many of us. But the person who first introduced them, and made them popular, to the world was the famous writer, Hans Christian Andersen. He wrote the epic fairytale 'Little Mermaid' in the year 1836 (yes, the story is actually that old!), and made this beautiful creature a favorite among many of us.
Princess Ariel taught us to dream, explore, to try to go beyond our limits and enjoy the gifts of this world. She was sweet, kind, curious, but always had the company of her friends and her ever-loving father who always helped her out during turbulent times. All of us, be it kids or adults, have our own imagination, our own fantasies, wherein we too may meet a mermaid one day, or enter a magical sea that turns us into happy and pretty mermaids, playing all along, swimming in and out of the depths of water. If you too share this dream and are passionate about this epic figure―the beautiful mermaid―then the following section will give you 50 amazing pictures that you can print and color.
We have collected varied designs for you to fill with your own imagination and favorite color combinations. You will find the mermaid doing all kinds of activities: Swimming, sitting on a rock, grooming her hair, playing with other sea creatures. Laughing, singing, dancing, and just doing what she likes to do. If you carefully observe, there are a lot of things that mermaids can teach us. To begin with, they teach us to explore our surroundings, to enjoy what is around us, and to be friends with all the sea creatures, irrespective of their size and shape. The following drawings will take you to the world of the mermaids, where you can bring them to life by using some magical colors. And you know what the best part is? You get to print and color all of this, for free!

* The following images have been provided for personal use only. Please do not share, reproduce, or resell any of these images in any form.
The little mermaid
Mermaid with flowers
Worried mermaid
Mermaid waving at you
Cute and happy mermaid
Adorable little mermaid
Mermaid with a spine-like tail
Cartoon mermaid princess
Little mermaid with a pout
Mermaid holding a scroll
Cartoonish mermaid and shark drawing
Cartoonish mermaid and shark drawing
Mermaid with a rose
Mermaid in a cup
Mermaid listening to a shell
Dancing mermaid
Mermaid with an anchor
Little mermaid with friends
Mermaid in a bathtub
Mermaid with beautiful long hair
A mermaid with her friends
Mermaid popping out of a magic box
Mermaid dressed as a housekeeper
Mermaid in love
Mermaid holding a treasure box
Mermaid hugging a fish
Mermaid with a starfish
Cute mermaid with big eyes
Pretty mermaid
Scared mermaid hiding in a corner
Curious mermaid with sea creatures
Cute mermaid with closed eyes
Mermaid chasing a bubble
Young mermaid thinking
Mermaid holding a trident
Free and happy mermaid
Mermaid and a sailor
Graceful and beautiful mermaid
Mermaid sitting on a rock holding a trident
Pirate mermaid
Relaxed mermaid among waves
Mermaid thinking by the seashell
Sleeping mermaid
Beautiful mermaid in awe
Hand Drawn Princess Mermaid
Mermaid For Coloring Page
Patterned Illustration Of A Mermaid
Hand Drawn Two Mermaids
Mermaid sitting and relaxing
Mermaid looking up while sitting on a rock
Don't these designs just take you to the fairy tale, where there is an unending beautiful sea, happy and colorful sea-creatures, and the freedom to play with the waves all day? Well, we don't really know if mermaids are real, and also if they would actually be so lovable and charming as we perceive them to be. But one thing is for sure, the drawings, books, stories, movies, and songs will keep our spirits up, and we will never cease to be open to the possibility of them being real. Happy coloring!