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Follow These Easy Steps to Draw Really Cute Emo Love Cartoons

How to Draw Cute Emo Love Cartoons
Ever considered sketching the emo characters? How distinctly wonderful they look? The Internet is all flooded with emo-stuff these days, and there's a batch of people obsessed with emo. So we thought of putting up this write-up to guide you with easy steps to draw emo love cartoons.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Cute City Kids
Emos wear a lot of heavy eye makeup. So, for sketching any emo character, be sure to focus on the eyes and makeup.
Emo people are those who feel EMOtions very strongly. The attire they dress up in is their way of expressing their emotions, be it happiness, depression, love, or hatred. For now, we shall opt for love. They are very passionate about their lover, and always in need of love and support.

Cartoon drawing needs a lot of creativity and patience. But for emos, we know that they have a peculiar personality―dark hair with bangs that cover three-fifth of their face; they wear vans or converse, girl pants, and tight shirts. So, visualizing in this sense, we'll draw a cute emo couple. This is just one way of fancying emo love; you can use your imagery skills and project them on a piece of paper.
You'll Need
1. Pencils
2. Kneaded eraser
3. Color pencils, oil pastels, especially colors like black, pink, and red.
Steps to Draw Emo Love Cartoons
Note: You will be drawing two figures at a time.
Head shapes
Starting with the heads, draw two circles, each for the boy and girl.
Facial lining
Facial lining
Add big round eyes, a nose, and lip line. To make the eyes lively, add a circle within a circle. Draw a curved line for making smiling lips.
Body shape of emo
Now, we make rough body structures. For the boy, pull out two short standing lines from the face, making his neck. Follow up by making shoulder lines. Continue with making hands, pulling out two slant (but parallel) lines for creating one hand, and ending with a Pacman-like structure, making the little palms. Replicate this for making another hand, but in the opposite direction. Stroke out two lines from the beginning of the hands, making the body. Use slightly curved lines for making their legs. Follow the same procedure to draw the girl's body lining.
Classic emo-style haircuts
Classic emo-style haircuts
The boy has short hair with a few long side bangs that cover the right side of his face. Use zigzag lines to get this. Cover an eye, and let a bang or two reach his neck. The girl has a long hairstyle, with the bangs to the left resting just near her eyebrow area. Make the hair fluffy.
Styling our emo cartoons
Styling emo cartoons
Now comes styling our cartoons―the emo way! They wear striped, fitted outfits, and converse shoes. So draw out fitted jeans for the guy. Make him a shirt with the tie. Draw vertical lines in a pair to give the effect of stripped sleeves. Make those little shoes, drawing two horizontal dashes each for the lace. Follow a similar procedure for the girl's shoes. While the guys wear shirts, girls wear short skirts and tight-fitted tops. Refer to the image above to get a better idea. Hair accessories can be added for the girl, so we can add a tiny bow on her hair towards her right.
It's time to stuff some love in there.
Emo couple
Make hearts encapsulating the couple. Emos are very protective about their lovers, so you can add some text to show that. Something like 'Never leave me alone', 'Stay with me', 'I love you forever and infinity', and likewise.
The final touch
Add color to your drawing. Colors can include hues of red, black, and white for highlighting things.
Emo couple
If you wish to draw emo love cartoons, then muster up the courage, grab a pencil, and go for it. Don't get disheartened if it doesn't seem easy at first. A famous saying goes as, "Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong." Do share with us your emo drawings.