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Drawing the Feared Messenger of Death: Grim Reaper Art Tips

Grim Reaper Art
The article deals with information about different forms of grim reaper artwork. The procedure to draw a simple grim reaper sketch is also presented below.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Grim Reaper art
The grim reaper is an entity associated with death. The concept of grim reaper can be found in many societies the world over. It is considered as the symbol of death by many. It is generally portrayed as a hooded figure which holds a scythe. Hour-glass is also a symbol associated with the grim reaper. In some of the drawings, it has a face of skeleton, while others show it as rotten. The robe or cloth used to cover the grim reaper can either be a black one or a white colored shroud used in covering dead bodies. The concept of this character is associated with beliefs in different religions of the world.
The Grim Reaper
The grim reaper artworks have been created/presented in many different ways. Representation of death in different forms is carried out with the help of grim reaper drawings. The grim reaper tattoo designs too are popular these days. Paintings or sketches depicting this character are portrayed with a dark background. Midnight sky is commonly seen as the background in these paintings.
In some of the paintings, it is shown as riding a horse. Most of its paintings have a sickle held in the hand. However, few pictures can also be seen with a sword. Grim reapers are not just limited to paintings or sketches. Ashtrays, incense burners, gargoyle lights, etc. can be given an artistic look by making use of this theme.
How to Draw a Grim Reaper
The process of drawing a grim reaper sketch is explained in the paragraph below.
  • The basic shapes of triangle and circle should act as the framework to create grim reaper sketches.
  • The outline of grim reaper's body can be represented in the form of a triangle.
  • A circle should first be drawn and modified into the head portion of the figure. Drawing the head can be made simple by just designing it in the form of a hood. However, if one wants to give it a face, drawing a skull i.e. half-covered in a hood is recommended.
  • The sickle is drawn by first sketching a straight line which forms the handle. A curved line at the upper end should be elaborated into the blade of this sickle.
  • Two smaller circles drawn on the either sides of the main body should act as fists of both hands. One of the fists need to be portrayed as holding the sickle; other hand could be depicted as the one holding an hour glass.
  • Making a sketch with the help of the above mentioned instructions should help create the basic structure of a grim reaper. One can make the drawing artistic and elaborate its form with his/her creativity.
  • One can also think about representing the grim reaper in forms other than the conventional ones.
The concept of death in the conventional form of thinking is considered an evil/bad thing. Therefore, it has been associated with figures/icons like the grim reaper. However, death as an event can be seen from a completely different perspective. Death is a stop-over where transition of life takes place from one form to the other. Living a prosperous and peaceful life would never lead to a sad ending. Thus, the phenomenon of death should be understood as the completion of journey in this life which marks beginning of the next phase.