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Mosaic Tile Patterns for Kids: Great Activity to Boost Creativity

Mosaic Tile Patterns for Kids
The different mosaic tile patterns for kids mentioned below would prove to be useful for beginners. One should experiment in designing and exploring the different patterns of mosaic...
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Creating mosaic patterns is an ancient art practiced in many different countries. The mosaic tile flooring patterns of Romans and Greeks are the oldest. The Greeks made use of geometric patterns in the creation of mosaic tile artworks.

The tesserae were specially manufactured mosaic tiles with different colors and extra detailing. These tiles were small in size and therefore, could be used to create imitations of paintings having fine designs too.

The Byzantine mosaics were another type of mosaic patterns which had an Eastern influence on them. Today's Istanbul (Turkey) was the Byzantine of olden times. The Byzantine mosaics were made from colored glass sheets, which was their specialty.

It would be interesting to find more on the topic of mosaic patterns. Here we are going to deal with patterns of mosaic suitable for kids.
Simple Mosaic Tile Patterns for Kids
Mosaic Flower Pattern
Flower Pattern
Blue Mosaic Frame
Mosaic Frame
Mosaic Rooster Design
Mosaic Rooster Design
Mosaic Ceiling Art
Random Art
Circled Mosaic Art
Circled Mosaic Art
There are many different mosaic tile designs that children can try out. However, in the beginning they should start with simple designs. Patterns of images that we see in day-to-day life should be practiced first. The simple designs suitable for children include those of plants, animals, birds, etc. It is important not to bother the kids with intricate or complex designs at least in the beginning. As children develop interest in the designing activity, they would themselves get into the depths of advanced mosaic designs and patterns.
The designs of plants offer them great scope for filling colors. Different parts of plants such as trunk, branches, leaves, fruits, etc. allow them to experiment with different colors. Mosaic tile patterns for kids can be made to look interesting with flower designs and other such colorful patterns. Designs of animals offer children the liberty to use bright and attractive colors. Memory drawings can also be imitated and mosaic tile designs created out of them. These patterns and designs offer children a chance to explore their creativity. Simple objects that are found in the house including toys and other items could form the subject of mosaic tile designing. The activity of designing mosaic patterns, though is a pastime for kids, even simple patterns made by them can be turned into great designs for home decor. The mosaic tile artworks can also be used to change the appearance of table tops. Such patterns can also be used to make wall arts.
Geometric mosaic patterns are amongst the easiest to start with for kids. Various combinations of checkerboard patterns can be tried out. Instead of going for the traditional black and white patterns, you may add red colored tiles to enhance the appearance. Smart use of triangular shapes along with that of squares and rectangles can be made.
Patterns for Projects
A variety of design ideas can be used for creating different patterns of picture frames with mosaic tiles. To make a mosaic tile picture frame, you could make use of a metal frame as the base. This metal base can be embellished with mosaic tiles to create a variety of patterns. Wall hanging is one of the interesting mosaic tile projects for kids. A wooden base is suited for making wall hangings. Patterns of images of flowers, birds, trees, animals, etc. can be used for wall hangings. Forming random patterns of mosaic tiles is one of the options to consider. An interesting idea you may want to consider is arranging mosaic tiles in a manner that no two colors are adjacent to each other. Many such ideas can be used for creating random patterns.
Glass Mosaic Tile Art
The activity of creating patterns with glass mosaic tiles is as interesting as using other materials. You can also make use of glass marble mosaic tiles for such patterns. With the help of these tiles, many different types of designs can be created. The mosaic tile patterns for tables are amongst these designs. Availability of colors for mosaic tile artists is limited. One cannot create different shades with these tiles the way it is done by mixing different colors in paintings. However, mosaic artists can use a trick to create shades i.e. they can place tiles of different colors or shades next to each other and create an effect of a unique shade. When a person is observing tiles from a short distance, he/she would be able to distinguish between different shades. However, if the whole artwork is viewed from a distance, a completely different shade can be seen. It offers a chance for mosaic artists to experiment with colors.
The ideas presented in the article should help in creating nice patterns of mosaic that can be used to improve the home decor and also encourage your child to exercise his/her artistic skills. The activity of creating mosaic tile patterns should be encouraged in children. It not only acts as a pastime activity for kids, but also helps preserve this ancient form of art of mosaic.