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Step-by-step Instructions to Draw 3D Letters In the Simplest Way

Step-by-step Instructions to Draw 3D Letters
Do you want to make an attractive poster with your favorite quotation written on it? You can do so by using 3D letters. ArtHearty provides you with systematic steps to draw 3D letters on a paper or cardboard.
Deepa Karandikar
Last Updated: Jul 16, 2017
Choose an angle of your choice to add thickness to the letters.
You can use 3D lettering to create a striking nameplate for your desk or door, or a poster with a message or a quotation to hang in your room, to name a few. Sketching 3D letters on paper requires a primary understanding of geometrical drawing. You also need to understand how to add a shadow to it.

In this article, we give you step-by-step instructions to draw 3D letters.
● Paper or Cardboard
● Pencil, Pen, or Crayon
● Ruler
● Eraser
Step 1: Draw the Outline
Drawn ACE
To begin with, simply draw a letter as you would normally draw in 2D on a paper using a pencil, so that it can be erased later. Do not use a pen. Use a ruler to make the lines straight. For curved letters like B, C, D, G, O, P, R, S, and U, you can use a rounder to draw circles and arcs. Keep the size of the letter a little less than required because the 3D outline will come around it.
Step 2: Double Outline
Outline Drawn ACE
This is a crucial step. Draw a double outline around the letter, at each side, at equal distances from the letter. The letters like A, B, O, etc., have holes inside them. So, also draw an outline for them on the inside.
Step 3: Choose an Angle for the Third Dimension
Outline Drawn ACE
Now that you have drawn a 2D letter with an outline, the next step is to add the third dimension―thickness. For this, fix a point and choose an angle. Draw rays emanating from the point to the block letters, towards each corner and edge.
Step 4: Give a Dimension to the Letters
Shadow Effect ACE
Connect the lines thus drawn laterally, and add a third dimension to the letters.
Step 5: Do Away with the Guidelines
Erase the guidelines and the rays emanating from the vantage point that you had chosen.
Step 6: Add a Shadow
3D Written ACE
Considering the vantage point as the source of light, add a shadow to the letter by shading it in a dark color (preferably gray). You can now finalize the letters by coloring them with a pen or crayon.