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10 Cool Coloring Pages for Boys to Print Out For Free

Want your son to be the next Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci? Well, they say you should always start with the basics. This article gives you free printable coloring pages for your potential painter.
ArtHearty Staff
Did You Know?
Egyptian Mummies could produce colors!! In the 16th and 17th century, the color Mummy Brown was made from white pitch, myrrh, and the remains of Egyptian Mummies. As it had good transparency, this color was extensively used for glazes, shadows, etc. In the 20th century, new methods were invented to produce the color because of the depletion of available mummies.
We all grew up using a coloring book at some point or the other, I mean, it was mandatory in many schools too. Coloring helps us to explore our creative side, especially in kids, it prompts their young minds to observe their surroundings and depict their imagination through drawing and colors. Many among them eventually decide to become a painter or an artist. Likewise, I am pretty sure your kid also likes to color and has a thriving imagination. You never know he might become the next great artist or painter.

In this article, we have compiled a few images for your kid to experiment with. You can choose watercolors, crayons or coloring pens. So, take a print and get started.
Printable Coloring Pages
* The following images have been provided  for personal use only. Please do not share, reproduce, or resell any of these images in any form.
Coloring Page 1
Coloring Page 2
Coloring Page 4
Coloring Page 5
Coloring Page 3
Coloring Page 6
Coloring Page 7
Coloring Page 8
Coloring Page 9
Coloring Page 10
Let your boy explore his imagination, you can even make an art gallery out of these pictures and show off your boy's creative side!!
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