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Step-by-step Instructions to Draw Bubble Letters

Step-by-step Instructions to Draw Bubble Letters
How about making alphabets fun and light like bubbles? You can use them on a card for your loved ones' birthdays, anniversaries, or on any other special occasion. You can also use them to write your name on a book or a notebook. This ArtHearty article provides you with step-by-step instructions to draw bubble letters.
Namrata Phatak
Make them as round as possible to give the roundness of a bubble.
The chubbier, the merrier!
Bubbles always make us happy. They have an attribute, which makes one feel light and joyful when looked at. Similarly, bubble letters also personify a 'bubbly' attitude with a cute look to them. They make it easier for you to express yourself.
We give you 4 methods to create bubble letters. Enjoy the fun while learning to draw them.
Drawing a Bubble Letter Using Layer Method
Step 1
Write an alphabet in lower or upper case. Make sure that the alphabet is not too bold.
Step 2
Draw an outline with a light pencil to the alphabet with curves (Note: Avoid sharp lines and corners).
Step 3
Make similar outlines with equal distance from all sides so that it will make the alphabet look thicker (i.e., increasing its size).
Step 4
Continue to draw the outlines till the alphabet is as round as you want it to be. (Note: The more, the better!)
Step 5
Highlight the final outline or make it darker. This will give you the final shape of your alphabet.
Step 6
Erase all the interior lines as well as the alphabet. Your final bubble letter is ready. You may color the letter and highlight it using the marker.
Here's the entire word!
Drawing a Bubble Letter with Ovals and Circles
Step 1
Draw the letters with the combinations of circles for alphabets which need a bulge and ovals for lines.
Step 2
Draw these figures lightly so that you can later erase the unwanted part of the alphabet.
Step 3
Join the ovals and circles with a curved line wherever necessary to avoid sharp ends.
Step 4
Trace the outer shape with stronger strokes. This will provide you with the final shape.
Step 5
Erase all the interior lines as well as the alphabet. Your final bubble letter is ready. You may color the letter and highlight it using a marker.
Here's the entire word!
Drawing a Bubble Letter with Strokes
Step 1
Draw an outline according to the shape of an alphabet. See to it that it appears bulged with rounded corners as shown above.
Step 2
Draw an arc in the alphabet wherever the hole is required. This will make it easier to identify the alphabet.
Step 3
Draw a smaller arc in such a way that it forms a closed shape with the larger arc, leaving some part of the arc to extend outside.
Step 4
Draw an ellipse at the base of each alphabet. The ellipse at the base will provide an effect as if the alphabet has been lifted up. Fill it with any color of your choice.
Here's your entire word!
Drawing a Bubble Letter with Geometrical Assistance (Circle)
Step 1
Draw a circle having any random radius using the help of a compass.
Step 2
Draw chords and diameter with the help of a scale to get the basic shape of the alphabet.
Step 3
Draw triangles where required to give an angle or to make a hole in the alphabet.
Step 4
Trace the final alphabet with strong strokes. The shape will be round like a circle.
Step 5
Erase the unwanted lines from the diagram. You can give it any color. Your final alphabet is ready.
Here's your entire word!
Choose the method that you are comfortable with from the above-mentioned ones. Use the roundness of these letters to express yourself. Hope you have loads of fun doing this activity!