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Grab a Paper and Pen: Step-by-step Instructions to Draw a Chair

Step-by-step Instructions to Draw a Chair
Drawing a chair is not a very difficult task. If you're looking for some simple and quick instructions to draw one, then ArtHearty has some for you. You could also sit with a paper and pencil, and draw along.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Chair Variations
Try different variations of chairs, keeping in mind, the basic structure and proportion of a standard chair (the one below). Different types of chairs could include, office chairs, rocking chairs, easy chairs, etc.
Drawing a chair could be for a very specific purpose, like interior decoration, layout designs, or floor plans. Alternatively, one could also wish to draw it just for fun.

The article provides instructions to draw a simple wooden chair. In case you have a very specific purpose like the ones mentioned above, the chair has been shown in one-point as well as two-point perspectives. In case you just wish to draw for fun, ignore the perspective part.
What You Will Need:
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Eraser
  • Colors
Refer to the illustrated, step by step instructions given below, and learn how to draw a chair.
Drawing a Chair in One-point Perspective
STEP 1: Linework
Draw lines for drawing chair
In one-point perspective drawings, the image converges to a single point in the center, hence the side of the chair facing the viewer seems bigger than the opposite. Begin with drawing the perspective/vanishing point, and the horizon line. Next, draw the basic line structure of the chair as shown in the illustration.
STEP 2: The Second Dimension
Draw second dimension for chair
Once you have a basic outline, draw the second dimension of the chair. You could achieve this by drawing the inner lines of the chair.
STEP 3: The Third Dimension
Draw third dimension for chair
Now, time to make the chair look solid and real. This can be done by giving depth to the figure; achieve this by drawing the third dimension lines as shown in the illustration. To verify the correctness of the perspective, draw dotted reference lines extending from the vanishing point.
STEP 4: Finishing Touches
Finishing touches to the chair
Now that your chair is drawn erase all unnecessary lines, and fill color. As the chair is wooden, go for a shade of brown.
Drawing a Chair in Two-point Perspective
STEP 1: Linework
Line work for chair
Drawing a chair in a two-point perspective is slightly different. The chair is basically positioned in such a way that, the perspective lines diverge from the center to two different points. Begin by drawing the two vanishing points and the horizon line. Also draw a basic outline of the chair.
STEP 2: The Second Dimension
Second dimension for chair
Now, draw the second dimension in reference to the two perspectives respectively. Notice the different planes of the chair facing either of the two perspective points.
STEP 3: The Third Dimension
Third dimension for chair
You're almost halfway now. Draw dotted reference lines as shown in the figure, to help you with the angles. Further, draw the third dimension of the chair as per the illustration.
STEP 4: Finishing Touches
The complete chair
Erase all unwanted lines, fill color and drop shadows to amplify the perspective effect.
So now that you know to draw a chair, go ahead and improvise; try some variations that make your chair look even better.