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Free Cartoon Coloring Pages for Kids

In today's television-dominated world, no one can discount the influence that cartoon characters and comic book heroes have on kids. From costumes to gadgets, the market is flooded with cartoon character memorabilia. The simplest of all these are coloring pages, and this is what we are going to give you in this article...
Prashant Sawant
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
If you happen to be at a costume party, you will notice that there is at least one child donning the costume of a cartoon character or a super hero. Cartoons and comic books have taken over the younger generation by storm, and have not even spared adults. T-shirts, watches, caps, even ties - you name it - and it comes in a cartoon flavor.

From the time that kids understand the going-ons around us, they are exposed to cartoons. These days, this starts at an even younger age, thanks to the coloring books of these cartoons that make their way into a toddlers life, much before they can even understand the significance of the heroes duties. Luckily, coloring is a fun filled activity, which can help you in many ways than one. As a youngster, coloring helps build coordination, focus, and develops motor skills. It helps in increasing concentration, and explores the creative side of children. Besides all that, it keeps them busy doing something they like and can associate with, and which parent will not want that.

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Here are some free coloring pages for kids, that can be printed, and colored. A colored version of the image is supplied as well, so you can compare and make sure that your super hero looks exactly like he is supposed to look. Of course, if you have the creative bug in you, or if you want your child to explore his creativity, you can ask them to fill in any colors that they like. A super hero dressed by your child. Or how your child would like to see his favorite super hero.

Besides these free printable images, there is also some information on the characters, so your child can identify with what he is coloring. The few details along with some of the powers have been mentioned in case you have never come across the particular character before. Also, most of the famous comic cartoons have been included, but if you find your favorite missing, do let us know and we shall try to provide it for you.

So without wasting anymore time, click on the image, print it, and watch your child have fun coloring the images. Depending on the age of the child, you can provide them with crayons, color pencils, water colors, sketch pens, etc.

Comic Cartoon Characters Coloring
Capt. America
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Calvin & Hobbes
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  • Captain America

    Origin: 1941

    Publisher: Marvel Comics

    Special Powers: Indestructible disc-shaped shield, speed, durability, agility.

    Costume Colors: Blue, White, Red

  • Spider-Man

    Origin: 1962

    Publisher: Marvel Comics

    Special Powers: Superhuman strength, spider-sense, mechanical web-shooters.

    Costume Colors: Blue, Red

  • Superman

    Origin: 1938

    Publisher: DC Comics

    Special Powers: Superhuman strength, an ability to fly, multiple extrasensory and vision power

    Costume Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow

  • Hulk

    Origin: 1962

    Publisher: Marvel Comics

    Special Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, genius level intellect.

    Cartoon Colors: Green

  • Batman

    Origin: 1939

    Publisher: DC Comics

    Special Powers: Good physical and mental conditioning, detective skills, excellent vision powers, photographic memory

    Costume Colors: Black, Gray, Blue

  • Garfield

    Origin: 1978

    Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

    Special Powers: NA

    Cartoon Colors: Orange

  • Tintin

    Origin: 1929

    Publisher: Casterman, Le Lombard, Egmont Publishing.

    Special Powers: NA

    Cartoon Colors: Blue, Brown

  • Calvin and Hobbes

    Origin: 1985

    Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

    Special Powers: NA

    Cartoon Colors: Orange (Hobbes), Red, Black, Yellow (Calvin)

  • Dennis

    Origin: 1951

    Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

    Special Powers: NA

    Cartoon Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow

  • Archie

    Origin: 1939

    Publisher: Maurice Coyne, Louis Silberkleit, John L. Goldwater

    Special Powers: NA

    Costume Colors: Orange (hair), skin color

Coloring can be the perfect activity for kids when they have nothing to do. The cartoon characters above will ensure that they do not get bored of the coloring activity. Along with the coloring, they will also get to know more about their favorite cartoon characters.